ANIMA LIBERA is supposed to be a youthful inspirational fashion brand, offering a diversity of styles and materials across women's swimwear, accessories and essential pieces. This brand is meant to be unique, providing a memorable online merchandising experience for international enthusiasts.

ANIMA LIBERA sets trends; it is based on fun, minimalistic flows that are made to represent the body of beautiful strong woman in every collection that we introduce. ANIMA LIBERA is a blend of handmade designs, earthy colors, and summery vibes! 

We were asked to create a unique and memorable branding experience for ANIMA LIBERA, communicating attributes such as free soul, fun, hippie, glamour, elegance, loyalty, eccentric, strong, original, classy and most importantly: SEXY, qualities we believe to be attractive to empowered women who possess a “be yourself” mantra. Now, let us hear them ROAR. 

Our proposal represents the ANIMA LIBERA motto: A strong woman, a free spirit,  a doer, a go-getter, a risk-taker.

For the typography we used a handmade font that matches the authentic and spontaneous free soul  of ANIMA LIBERA’s personality.

The colors are vivid and elegant, representing the brightness of the metals used.